September 26, 2022



It’s time to transition from this to next racing season. I will be increasing mileage over the next two months – nothing hard during the longer efforts: 2-4 hours. Gym work will be focused on maintenance of strength. When December comes around I will begin building for the next year. Once Spring comes I will be working on strength again.

AM Body Weight – 181.3 lb; 14.2% fat (25.7 lb); muscle mass 82.1% (148.8 lb)

Yesterday I rode 36 miles. I completed a 5k segment in my 3rd fastest time this year out of 10 attempts. My fastest was in March with a tailwind. I rode it 7 seconds faster in early July when I was better shape.

On Friday I completed a gym workout that included Squats. I didn’t feel good after a warmup set. My legs felt heavy and sore, so I repeated the warmup. Then did 230 lb x 5 reps. I stopped in the second set after feeling an abdominal twinge after rep 2. I switched to Bulgarian split squats with 35 lb dumb bells – 3 sets of 5 reps. Also Bench Press with 135 lb x 6 reps x 3 sets; Dips x 6r x 3s.

September 23, 2022


AM Body Weight – 182.6 lb; 15.5% fat (28.3 lb); muscle mass 80.9% (147.7 lb)

Last weekend disrupted the progress I was making – I ate a lot from Saturday through Tuesday. It’s going to take some time to settle back in.

Masters track worlds begins tomorrow. As I’m reflecting on it, this might have been a good opportunity to get some experience racing against my national competition and on an indoor track.

September 21, 2022

Wednesday; 4:45 AM

AM Body Weight – 181.9 lb; 14.7% fat (26.7 lb); muscle mass 81.6% (148.4 lb)

I took four days off from work, training and dieting. Overall the results aren’t too bad. My goal is to get my body fat under 14% this week and mid-low 13% next week.

Circuit x 3
Pullups x 6r
Dips x 6r
Single Leg RDL – 24kg x 6r/6r
Ab Wheel x 10r

20 minute walk

September 17, 2022

Saturday AM

AM Body weight 175.8 16.3% fat (28.6 lb) 80% muscle mass (140 lb)

This is my lowest AM weight in 34 months by a lb. It’s likely due to low consumption of food and water the past few days. I’ve also been inactive since Tuesday. I’ve made some real progress with the diet. As I add in training next week the fat loss will accelerate.

Circuit x 3

Pullups x 5r

Bulgarian Split Squat – 135 lb x 5r/5r

Dips x 8r

KB Snatch – 24 kg x 5r/5r

September 14, 2022

Wednesday AM

Body Weight – 179.6 lb; 14.1% fat (25.32 lb); muscle mass 82.2% (147.63 lb)

Last night was my final night of track racing for the season.

My ITT/Pursuit times for this year

DATE / 1.5 lap / 6 lap / Gear

9/14/22 / 41.78 / 2:46.83 / 101.8″

8/9/22 / 41.15 / 2:49.83 / 100.3″

7/16/22 / 40.84 / 2:48.70 / 100.3″

6/14/22 / 41.18 / 2:48.38 / 98.4″

I used aero bars in a timed event for the first time last night. It didn’t work well at all with the 1.5 lap – I didn’t accelerate fully coming out of the start, and wasn’t smooth handling the bike in any of the corners. This cost me at least a second or more. I need more practice.

My 6 lap time was significantly improved – 3 seconds over last month’s time. I believe it was due to the aero bars. I also accelerated fully out of a pretty good start. However, my lap times were not consistent at all. I went out too hard in the first two laps and began to lose time. Had I rode more evenly I probably would have finished a second or two faster. There was at least a 6 second difference between lap 2 and 6. (Laps 2-5 were 23, 25, 27, 29). With some work I believe I can get my time under 2:40.

I used my training wheel (deep rim) last night because the tire failed on my 5 spoke wheel. I would have had a better six lap time with the 5 spoke.