November 9, 2022


AM Body Weight – 176.5lb; 14.3% body fat (25.3lb); muscle mass 83.1% (144.6lb); Water – 94.6lb

Dropped body weight by 2lb since yesterday. 3lb less water. This lowered muscle (water) by almost 4lb and fat increased 2lb.

These are dramatic shifts – mainly due to water weight, early AM training and reduced food intake yesterday.

I’m averaging about 25lb body fat over the past 10 days. Last month I was probably closer to 26.5lb.

November 8, 2022

Tuesday: 4:45 AM

AM Body Weight – 178.6lb; 13.1% fat (23.4lb); muscle mass 83.1% (148.5lb); Water – 97.6lb

I added more water weight (muscle mass) since yesterday morning. This is my lowest AM body fat reading since 11/21/2019.


Jump rope x 30r

Chin-ups x 6r

Dip x 8r

Step up – 8r/8r

Row – 30lb DBs x 8r

Ab Wheel x 12r

Cool Down – 20 min walk

November 7, 2022


AM Body Weight – 178.5lb; 13.6% fat (24.4lb); muscle mass 82.6% (147.6lb); Water – 96.8lb

Water weight is 4lb up since Friday. I’ve hit a plateau with fat loss, but I can make some adjustments with both exercise and diet. My exercise volume has been low. I’m still taking in more simple carbs than is ideal for fat loss.

I’m 12 weeks out from my first race of 2023. I have vacation planned for next week through the 25th and will begin more serious training in December.

I didn’t train much last week. Yesterday I got back in the gym.

Jump rope x 30r
Pull-up x 6r
Split squat x 8r (100 lbs) each leg
Suitcase carry 53 lbs – 25 meters each arm
Bear crawl – 25 meters
Chin-up x 6r
Single arm Press – 53 lbs x 5r/5r
Ab wheel x 12r

October 31, 2022


AM Body Weight – 178.5lb; 14% fat (25lb); muscle mass 82.2% (146.8lb)

It’s not a straight line, but I’m still trending in the right direction – decreasing body fat and increasing muscle. As long as I continue to keep a structure around eating and training, this will continue. My training was erratic this past month – a lot of cycling volume on Sundays and a lot of rest during the week. I increased gym training with back to back workouts on Friday and Saturday and a one hour Zone 2 ride yesterday. My diet has been fairly consistent the past couple weeks. I’ve definitely dropped body fat around my torso.


1 hour at 131watts; 81rpm; 111bpm on indoor trainer


Circuit x 4
Jump Rope x 30r
Chin-up x 5r
DB Curl – 30lb x 10r/10r
Suitcase carry – 54lb x 25meters/25meters
Bear Crawl – 25meters

Cool down 15 min walk


Circuit x 4
Push up x 10r
Pull-ups x 5r
Front Squat – 100lb x 10r
KB Snatch- 24kg x 5r/5r
Good morning – 100lb x 10r
DB Incline Bench Press – 50lb 10r/10r
Ab Wheel x 10r

October 28, 2022


AM Body Weight – 175.8 lb; 16.2% fat (28.6lb); muscle mass 80% (140.8lb)

The change in body composition this week is mainly due to a drop in water from 97.5lb to 91.8lb. My fluid intake is the same or more, so I assume this is because I’m eating less and retaining less fluid.

My body comp is almost exactly what it was September 17th before I went on vacation. This equals my lowest body weight since December 2019.

I expect continued changes over the next two weeks.

October 27, 2022


AM Body Weight – 176.9lb; 15.2% fat (26.9lb); muscle mass 81% (143.3lb)

I dropped 3lb of water since yesterday AM. This reduced my muscle mass almost 4lb and increased my body fat by 2%. So, my body composition is almost identical to what it was a week ago.

I’ve reduced calories, but have also taken a break from training after the month of mileage build up and the century ride over the past weekend. At some point over the next few days I will resume training. This has been more of a mental recovery from the combination of training and dieting.

October 26, 2022


AM Body Weight – 177.4 lb; 13.4% fat (23.8 lb); muscle mass 82.8% (147 lb)

This is the lowest AM body fat I’ve recorded since November 26, 2019. I was at 22.1 – 23.2 for one week. My overall body weight was about the same then as it is now. I had another lb of muscle mass. A week prior to and after that week I was back to above 24 lbs body fat.

Goal: under 13% body fat by Saturday. I will need to have a calorie deficit, increased protein, no simple carbs.