May 20, 2022

NOTE: AM Body Weight – 179.9 lb; 15.6 % fat (28 lb); lean weight 151.9 lb


I rode 40 mins yesterday on the trainer. 80 rpm, easy spin, low heart rate.

Tomorrow is the State RR. I’m three lb heavier than last year. Fortunately I’m carrying 4 lb more lean weight and 1 lb less fat. I’m also entering this race in better form than last year. My 20 min power is as high as ever. In 2019 and 2020 almost every training ride was a hard effort to build power. My 90 minute power was higher then. Since then my 90 minute efforts have been more conservative.

In my estimation, the training rides I’ve been doing over the past month are more difficult than the race tomorrow. I’ve been concerned about being dropped. According to my recent power numbers that clearly won’t happen. The only time I will have to handle the pressure is on the Mask Road hill.

I will get on the bike later today to test the front tire and do some active recovery. Prior to the race tomorrow I will get my heart rate up to threshold level.

May 19, 2022


NOTE: AM Body Weight – 181.5 lb; 15.2 % fat (27.6 lb) Increased water over past 24 hours increased my lean mass and reduced my body fat %. I’m carrying less fat than a year ago at this point.

I was more tired than usual yesterday due to Tuesday night’s race ride. I plan at least 30 minutes active recovery today. My biggest concern about Saturday’s race right now isn’t my physical preparation – it is my front wheel. The spare I installed Tuesday night is used. I’ve had it on the bike since last Fall. I’m replacing it as a precaution.

May 18, 2022


NOTE: AM Body Weight – 179.7 lb; 16.5 % fat (29.6 lb)

My body composition is nearly the same as it was one year ago. I still plan to drop 10 lbs of fat and put on some lean mass.

I did the group race ride last night. I remained in contact with the A group the entire ride. I noted somewhat of a performance drop. I have been thinking I need to taper for the state race, so it may have been subconscious. It was also my fourth week in a row doing this ride – which may have been one too many. The group dynamic was different last night. There were two crashes – one directly in front of me which caused me to ride over the rider’s wheel.. I was fortunate to escape with just a flat. I put in a lot of work early in the ride. A lot of riders were put under pressure and dropped. At about 20 miles the group split into two. When this happened I was toward the back and ended up stuck in the second group. I briefly went to the front and attempted to start a paceline but no one pulled through. I stayed in for the next 10 miles with 8 riders. Half the group stopped at 31 miles. I considered continuing with the other four riders for the additional 10 miles. I realized there was no benefit. I’d achieved the goal of the ride.

I have three days to recover for the state race. Any riding I do between now and Saturday morning will be recovery pace.

A big difference between this and last year: last year I entered race week at minus 11 fatigue. This year I entered the week at minus 2. My form this year will be better. I also have confidence in having raced the course before. And it helps I’ve been put under heavy pressure four weeks in a row with a faster group of racers and I’ve improved each time. There is only one area on the course I risk getting dropped – the final hill. Manage that hill right this time and I can contend for a podium spot. It will be key not to expend any more energy than needed. Last year I moved around too much during the race – mainly because I’d fall back on the hill. I will identify where last year’s winners are in the group and try to remain close.

May 17, 2022


NOTE: AM Body Weight – 180.3 lb; 17.1 % fat (30.8 lb)

I had a four vacation days this week and let up on caloric intake. My water weight has also been down the past few days due to the heat.


On Saturday I had one of the best workouts on the trainer I’ve had in the past year or two. I was off the bike from Wednesday through Friday. My legs felt recovered and I was able to produce 235+ watts (Threshold) for 5 minutes for 7 intervals. A month or two ago I might have done one or two intervals. The group racing on Tuesdays has improved my fitness.

This Saturday is the state race. I had planned racing on the track tonight. Instead I will do one more A group race with the goal of getting further on the course with the main group and hopefully finishing with the main pack. My resting heart rate has been higher since last Tuesday’s ride than it was the previous two weeks. I need to consider this. If I feel a significant drop off from last week’s performance I need to shut it down. My concern this week is over reaching and not being able to recover by Saturday morning. The priority after tonight will be rest. Any riding I will do will be mostly easy, recovery pace. On Thursday or Friday I might do some short hard efforts to get my heart rate up, with full recovery in between. If I am still tired I will wait until the race.

I am a lot more confident going into the state race this year. Last year I entered race week depleted and lacking confidence. This year my conditioning is better. I’ve been out-riding some of the finishers from last year. My training leading up to the race last year was ineffective. This year I have purposely increased the intensity of my riding but also reducing the volume. A lot of this is based on how I’m feeling. If I’m overly fatigued I’m not riding. I’m also assuming the race efforts I’m doing in the group rides require extended recovery whether I feel it or not.


May 12, 2022

Thursday 4:45 AM


Dips x 8r

Row – 25 lbs DBs – 10r/10r

Split Squat – 140 lb x 3r/3r

Chin-up x 6r

Single Leg Calf Raise – body weight x 10r/10r

Ab Wheel x 12r

(Shoulder rehab: lateral raise – 15 lb. dbs. x 15r; 10″ rest then 5r; 10″/5r; 10″/5r; 10″/5r; 10″)

20 minute walk – cool down

NOTE: AM Body Weight – 181.2 lb; 16.5 % fat (29.8 lb)

SUMMARY: My right shoulder has been a chronic problem off and on since January or early February. I believe it was initiated by max effort push-ups after a period of inactivity and no warmup. It improves with strength training. I’ve focused on cycling for the past month – when I take time off strength training it quickly weakens. I don’t think it is going to clear up without some specific training. In the past, frequent kettlebell training has been a solution.

May 11, 2022


I did the Tuesday “A” group ride for the third time. Last night I stayed in the front pack an additional 10 miles; though I was nearly dropped at least twice. I’ve made considerable progress in a short period of time. I can’t attribute it to weight loss, because I haven’t changed much. Riding with the group at this level has given me a better awareness of my fitness level. I believe I can stay with the group at the championship race in 10 days. I don’t think I could say that had I not done these three recent group rides.

The biggest difference between the group ride and what to expect in the championship is top speed. In the group ride the first 10 miles are a warmup pace. Then it becomes a series of attacks at 27-30 mph. Not many 50+ riders are going to want to expend a lot of energy on the front when they know they aren’t going to get away. So the attacks will be limited and shorter in duration. The avg speed of the race will be about 26 mph. My priority will be to conserve as much energy for the hill on each lap. I also plan to go hard at the base of the last hill to ensure I’m not behind

NOTE: AM Body Weight – 180.8 lb 16.9% fat (30.5 lb)

May 10, 2022


NOTE: AM Body weight – 182.5 lb; 14.8% fat (27 lb)


My cardiovascular fitness has improved based on my resting heart rate. It has gradually come down over the past few months from 48 in February, 45 in March, 43 in April. The past two weeks it has been 41.

May 9, 2022


I completed a 72 mile ride Saturday, 15 miles out; 15 back and 42 with a group of 10 riders. I didn’t feel recovered heading out. It was also cold and windy. There was a final sprint – I didn’t know where it began or ended, nor did I have much in the tank to contend for it. I took Sunday off. It was Mother’s Day, and I went off my diet.

I’m 11 days out from the state championship road race. I’m not going to make substantial progress with fitness at this point. There’s more of a risk of over doing it and getting fatigued. I will try to get my fat weight down a couple of lb over the next week but approach it sensibly (increase protein, no simple carbs). On the bike, I plan to have a couple hard efforts this week, one early next week and get to the road race fully recovered.

I noticed in last Tuesday’s group ride, one of the riders who finished in the pack at the last State Championships was dropped well before me. That’s a good indication I have a chance to stay with the pack this year.

NOTE: AM Body Weight: 184.5 lb; 15.2% fat (28 lb)

May 6, 2022

Friday 4:45AM


Dips x 8r

Single Leg RDL – 24 kg. x 5r/5r

Body Weight Squat x 10r

Chin-up x 6r

DB Incline Bench Press – 40 lb. dbs – 12r

Ab Wheel x 12r

(Shoulder rehab: lateral raise – 15 lb. dbs. x 15r; 10″ rest then 4r; 10″/4r; 10″/4r; 10″/4r; 10″)

20 minute walk – cool down

NOTE: AM Body Weight – 181.8 lb; 15.9 % fat (28.9 lb)

SUMMARY: I completed a partial cycling workout last night. The prescribed workout was 3 x 10 min steady state/threshold intervals. On a stationary trainer these feel like race pace. I cut the workout in half – 1 x 6′ and 1 x 10′. I could have completed the entire workout as prescribed, but I’m purposely holding back the intensity of my workouts due to the intensity of the group ride I’ve done the past two weeks. The one 10 minute interval was enough effort to challenge me without tearing me down.