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May 28, 2007 – General Conditioning / Spine

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Colnago Yesterday’s intervals focused on respiratory intensity.   I did a few intervals today, but reduced the cadence and increased the resistance by isolating each leg.  I began to feel it in the quads after 15 secs and it got my heart rate up.

INTERVALS ON ROLLERS (Cue: Pedal using one leg, opposite leg relaxed, cadence 85+ rpm)
Warmup – 10 min – 90+ RPM –  53×21 (53 front chainring x 21 rear) = @ 20-22mph
Interval 1: 30sec each leg – 53×15 (Moderate Gear)
3min recovery 53×21, 90+RPM
Repeat for 3 intervals
Cool Down – 5min – 53×21, 90+ RPM

Overhead Squat
10 x 45lb
5 x 90lbs

Good Mornings
20 x 90lb

Bar Rollouts (cue:  extend bar beyond head then pause, bands attached to bar to speed up the rollout and resist the return)
Set One:  7
2min rest
Set Two: 7
2min rest
Set Three: 4 (hip)

Turkish Getup
5 x 45lb dumbbell, alternating sides with clean and jerk each rep


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May 28, 2007 at 1:24 pm

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