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WORKOUT DESCRIPTION  Saturday, 6:30AM; Final day of recovery week.  Transitioning to sprint training;  Moderate Intensity, Moderate volume, general conditioning.    I increased the weight on the bar another 50+lbs and dropped the reps from 10 to 5.

MOBILITY  Jumping Jacks x 25; Rope Skip Run – 4 x 25 meters

Non stop – 245lb Barbell – 5 Deadlift + Shrug + Calf Raise (snatch grip)
15 Front Dips
5 Speed Pullups
25Meter Sprint
8 Bicep Curls 40lb DBs (Stand on one leg)*  Sets 3&4 – Overhead Triceps with 40lbDB
Rest 5 minutes – Repeat 4 times.

205 x 2

155 x 5



Written by SJ

November 17, 2007 at 7:59 am

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