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MOBILITY Cat/Camel; Bird Dogs; 1/4 mile walk; Jumping Jacks x 20; 45lb bar combination RDL, OHP, OHS, LUNGE (all directions), Single leg Squats all directions Good Morning; Cable: face pulls, squat rows.

COMBINATION – 5 Rounds with 5 min rest each round
Bench Press 230 x 1
Overhead Press 145 x 1
Turkish Getup – 75lb Bar x 1 (both sides)
Weighted Pullup – 75lb KB x 1
Single Leg Squat (Flex opposite hip – cable attached to ankle) x 4 ea side
Overhead Squat –  75lb bar x 5

SPINE – 2 rounds; no rest
Hanging wipers – 5 each direction
Side Bridge – 1 min each side (with added resistance – 6lb ball on hip)

SPINE – 1 round
Hanging Torso Flex and Raise x 10

10 x body weight – fast

1/4 mile fast walk


Written by SJ

May 10, 2008 at 11:46 am

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