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August 8, 2011

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8/8 MONDAY; 4:15AM

ROW (50-80watts)
10 x 500 meters; 1 min recovery

1 mile walk

60 meters (8 walk) 2 (RUN)
1 mile walk
ROW; 5 x 500 meters; 1 min recovery


Cervical spine injury — June.  Rehab was going well until 7/23 – (@3 weeks into a 6 week rehab); hit my head on an overhead light fixture –  compression to the cervical spine exacerbated injury.  At the very least  – bulging disk…herniation to one or more disks is likely.    Pain for 10 days was 7-9 on a 10 point scale.   At its worst when laying down.  I rarely take anything for pain.  This required muscle relaxant and ibuprofen around the clock.   Right arm and shoulder lost range of motion and are now noticeably smaller than left side.

This issue can be traced back about 5 years, and possibly back to my right shoulder injury 10 years ago. Sitting in an office chair, staring at a screen for hours at time for several years doesn’t help much. What I’ve always thought was shoulder and upper back soreness was referral sensation from the cervical spine.    I’ve felt it acutely a few times dropping deadlifts.  More recently with L-Sits, weighted pullups, bench presses and max pushups.    I suspect cervical nerve issues affected my gait and hip/hamstring function in April.  When my nerve flares up now on the right side of my neck, I notice corresponding tightness in my right hamstring.


Written by SJ

August 8, 2011 at 10:36 am

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