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March 13, 2012

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Currently rehabilitating from antibiotic adverse side effects (tendonosis and nerve issues). On December 28, I was prescribed Leavaquin for a sinusitis. Within a week I was noticing weakness in lower limbs. I received no warning other than possible dizziness and light sensitivity, so I attributed it to over-training. By the end of abx treatment instability was noticeable in every joint. At the end of January, almost any physical movement had the potential for pain or injury (carrying light grocery bag, cycling lightest gear, throwing a ball, walking down stairs, rowing). Had high level of pain in both elbows, knees, psoas attachments, and right quad.

Since 2/10/12, have continued Alfredson Protocol twice daily (graduated to 32.5lb vest on Alfredson, Single Leg exercises, and Reverse Pullup).
In addition to daily lower leg training, training 5 days a week. Added use of Heart Rate monitor this week to determine cardio respiratory status. Reached max 177 bpm on Monday on rollers – stopped due to safety. True max on stationary device is @ 180+. (My max 9 years ago at age 43 as a cyclist was @ 185bpm). Added rowing at intensities prior to abx treatment. Also started bench press and deadlifts – emphasis on eccentric.

2/20/12 (17.5lb vest)

Alfredson Protocol – (15lb vest)
Cycling 15 mins x 2 warm up / cool down (53 x 23 gear) (5 x 1 min interval 53 x 21)
Single Leg Squat on decline – 45 reps each leg
Dip (reverse) 3 x 15 reps
Squat (+35 lb lb) 3 x 15 (6 sec neg)
Rotator Cuff – 3 x 15 each arm (6 sec neg)
Row – easy 250meters
Speed Bag – 10 x 3 minutes

2/19 (with 15lb vest all exercises)

Alfredson Protocol – (15lb vest)
Cycling 15 mins x 2 warm up / cool down (52 x 23 gear)
Single Leg Squat on decline – 45 reps each leg
Pullup (reverse) 30 reps
Single Leg Deadlift (+25 lbs) 45 reps each leg
Pushup – 30 (6 second on negative) feet elevated
OHP – 3 sets of 15 reps (4 second on negative; last 5 reps push press)
Speedbag – 5 sets of 3 minutes
Heavy Bag – 3 x 1 minute

2/2 12 – 2/18 2012

Alfredson Protocol (weighted heel drops on stair – 2 x day; 3 x 15 reps 10 secs each; each leg)
Cycling 15 mins x 2 warm up / cool down

Lower body/Upper body alternate days.

Eccentrics: 4-10secs
Single Leg Squat on decline board
Side Plank
Pushup – legs elevated
Single leg deadlift
Speedbag – 3′ rounds

2/10/12 – Improved strength and stability of both achilles; improved function of both elbows
muscle twitches – mainly upper body.

2/2/12 – Poor stability of achilles – improved within 48 hours of Alfredson Protocol


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