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June 24, 2012

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SUMMARY: Continuing 5 day a week program. I’ve reduced Turkish Getups this week as a result of a sore shoulder. This came about following 5 consecutive days with the 70lb x 5 reps. The last rep was causing too much fatigue prior to bench pressing. I’ve introduced short sprints on incline ramp of about 7% grade. In another week, I’ll add sprint drills, plyometrics once a week, and additional short sprints. Examples of training this week:

June 24, 2012; SUNDAY AM
60METER STAIR SPRINTS X 10 (5 < 17.5″, 3 < 18″, 2 < 18.4″), 5′ recovery
25METER RAMP SPRINTS X 6, 4′ recovery
10 x 10 reps Single Leg Pushups, Diamond hand position, Slow Negative

June 23, 2012; SATURDAY AM
Bench Press 185 x 5r x 2s (slow negative)
Squat – 185 x 5r; 187.5 x 5r
Deadlift (clean grip) – 250 x 5r x 2s
Pullup 25lb x 5r x 2s
Kettlebell Snatch; 16kg x 50
Alfredson + 75lb x 1set
Single Leg Squat to 13″ box (holding 2 x 40lb dumb bells) 1 set of 8reps each leg.
Single Leg Deadlift – 70lb dumb bell; 1 set of 5 reps each leg
3 rounds of speed bag – 3 minutes.


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June 24, 2012 at 8:24 pm

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