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December 31, 2015

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225 lbs x 10 reps
4′ recovery
225 lbs x 10 reps

PULL-UP (+25lbs)
2 sets of 5 reps

CHIN-UP (+25lbs)
2 sets of 5 reps

1 set x 15 reps each leg

25 reps

AM Weight – 179 lbs
AM Heart Rate – 46 BPM


I had mixed results with training this past year.  The year began with a number of set backs but I gradually recovered and am now on an upward trend going into 2016.

First the negatives.

  1.   I had several injuries in early Spring, including calf strains, a low back strain and a severe hamstring pull.  This resulted in scratching some competitions, poor results in the one race I completed and an actual injury during competition.
  2.  In late April a body composition test revealed my weight was up 19 lbs since my last test (2010) with an additional 5% body fat.  This test was taken after I’d dropped 5-8 lbs of body weight.

The  positives.

  1. After early difficulty last January, I’ve gradually improved my squat strength to match my previous 1Rm best – 300 lbs. My last attempt of 300 was almost 20 years ago.   Due to lumbar disk problems my last lift of 230 lbs had been more than 6 years ago.
  2. One of my weaknesses has been repeatability of sprint efforts.  Last spring I began high volume circuit training, forcing myself to adapt to short recovery. I carried this volume approach to my sprints as well.  Through consistency and patience I managed to triple the volume of my 60 meter hill sprints and reduce the time necessary for recovery.
  3. Since last Spring, I’ve minimized injuries to a couple calf strains – neither requiring more than a week recovery.
  4. Between April and June of 2015 I dropped from 16% body fat to 10.6%.  I lost 10 lbs of fat while adding 5 lbs of lean mass.   This was the most rapid and significant change of body composition I’ve ever experienced.  It was done by both sharply increasing training volume and reducing food intake.

2016 GOALS


  1. Under 9 % @ 175
  2. Average 175 – 178 body weight through Spring


  1. Improve acceleration
  2. Improve technical mastery
  3. Sub 8.5″ for 60 meters
  4. Sub 13″  for 100 meters


  1. Increase dynamic or explosive strength
  2. Maintain high volume training
  3. Squat 325
  4. Bench Press 285
  5. Vertical jump 26″


  1. Train an average of 15 days per month
  2. Increase plyometric training
  3. Increase olympic lifts
  4. Improve mobility

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December 31, 2015 at 9:24 am

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